The Vineyards...

Our estate is located in Saulchery, a small village situated on the right bank of the Marne river. We have around thirty plots there with various exposures. These various locations enable us to produce cuvees with constant quality thanks to the grape varieties typical for champagne: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The oldest of our land plot called "le faux rû", with a surface of 9 ares (around 0. 22 acres) dates back to 1918. The grapes issued from this vine are harvested and selected for the making of red wine used for the blending of the Cuvee Rosé.

...and the wine

For over sixty years, generations have followed one another and brought their know-how with the same motivation as today: to produce their own cuvees and thereby ensure a follow-up in quality for their customers.

Bubbles, colour and palate... Passion is handed down this way and the men of the family hold the best kept secret, that of the blending of the various grape varieties for their cuvees.

Since 2010, pressing and vinification operations have been performed in new premises combining space with modernity. Two wine-presses and a winery of 36 stainless steel tanks (for a total capacity of 2 500 hectolitres) are now used for the making of the divine nectar.

The bottling - French “tirage” – usually takes place in the March month of the year following the harvest.

After 2 or 3 years minimum, the bottles are disgorged and labelled. Such operations are carried out by our team.

We also have a pressing activity with a quality agreement during the harvest. The grapes pressed are shipped upon our carriers’ request to the great names of Champagne located in Aisne, Aube and Marne areas.

A family know-how fitted for the new technologies allows the Champagne Bernard Figuet to remain faithful to their values of tradition, authenticity and to be a real professional in vine and wine alike.

Delivery in Metropolitan France only. Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation. Alcohol consumption is prohibited for pregnant women. The sale of alcohol to minors is forbidden.

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