The House

The origin of the name FIGUET dates back to 1436. Generations follow one another, but vine working was not an issue at the time. Robert Figuet, the founder of the house, was born in 1910. Between the two world-wars he married Raymonde Bédel. They both owned a few wine-growing lands, but it was only in 1947 that they started to produce their champagne in two oak barrels and to sell 500 bottles per year.

They took over the statute of “Récoltant-Manipulant”- Producer and Wine-maker and became pioneers in the area.

In 1960, their son Bernard joined them in the wine estate with his wife Lydie.

For 50 years, father and son have bought, exchanged and planted vineyards. The family business continued its growth.

Today, the estate counts 14 hectares and sells an annual quantity of 120, 000 bottles, mainly to individual customers.

Since 1990, it is Eric, Robert’s grand-son and a graduated œnologist, who produces the various cuvees. He was joined by his wife Isabelle when his parents left for retirement in 2004.

Now, Eric and Isabelle run the business together with the support of their team.

Delivery in Metropolitan France only. Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation. Alcohol consumption is prohibited for pregnant women. The sale of alcohol to minors is forbidden.

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